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According to Kinsey, the most frequent sexual acts that humans engaged in with animals comprised calves, sheep, donkeys, large fowl (ducks, geese), dogs and cats.In the 1970s, world renowned sexologist Professor John Money claimed that zoophilic behaviours were usually transitory occurring when there is no other sexual outlet available.You said it has been 4 years since you’ve seen any sign of warts.

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I’ve gotten this question a LOT over the years, so I wanted to post an official answer here on the blog.

If I discover new information about this topic, I’ll update you but to the best of my current knowledge, it works like this: Once you get rid of the genital warts using my report, the HPV virus is still in your system.

However, research carried out in the 2000s shows this not be the case.

Up until the advent of the internet, almost every scientific or clinical study reported on zoophilia were case reports of individuals that has sought treatment for their unusual sexual preference.

In my opinion, it seems to be the strength of their immune system.

So that is one reason I have the 2 anti-viral immune boosting techniques in the second half of my report.

And for anyone else interested in learning more about the genital warts treatment in my report, feel free to call or email and ask me a question or go to my main page where it tells my personal story and all the details.

making bestiality a criminal offence from July 1st in a move to tackle animal-sex tourism.

claimed that 8% of males and 4% females had at least one sexual experience with an animal.

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