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Depending on the size of your organization and changes to default settings, it could take days before a new user can make its way into the OAB and onto your local copy.

It's also possible that there's an issue with client-server communication such that OAB downloads aren't happening.

It's possible that you're looking for the new users before your interval period has expired.

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Two days ago, I configured a new email address and it was getting displayed in OWA.

But, now I am not getting the id displayed in Outlook 2010 email client.

By default when you connect an Exchange mailbox to Outlook 2007 or Outlook 2010 the ‘Use Cached Exchange Mode’ option is enabled.

The Outlook cached mode feature was designed to reduce network traffic between the Outlook clients and the Exchange server.

However, this application may get fail due to many services issue. the Exchange 2010 Offline Address Book not updating automatically.

This issue occurs due to improper synchronization between the server and email client.Few changes in existing settings are to be made for getting rid of this error message.So, in this blog, one is going to find all those changes that are required to fix this error quickly.So, I worked in the cached mode trying to get this work by first going to the Exchange server and then, synchronizing GAL.After all this, I opened MS Outlook 2010 and then, tried to download address book manually. Can anyone help me in resolving Offline Address Book (file) is not updating in cached mode on MS Outlook 2010?” The above-mentioned scenario explains all about the error. So let’s get started with resolution procedure to update Offline Address Book files in Exchange Server 2010 using a manual method.

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