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Of course, that man currently is suspended by the Dallas Mavericks for conduct detrimental to the team. All that's known is, when they were Cleveland Cavalier teammates, West and James had a few interesting moments. Here's the key part: West says Gloria James reminded him of his single mother, Delphina Addison, who raised Delonte and his siblings to be "happy-poor, just enjoy life and the blessings that God has given us."If we want to continue to grow as a human race, what are we teaching our kids if we try to make humor and fun out of stuff like that? That's terrible in so many ways."So there's that, straight from the man's mouth.West has also battled depression during his NBA career.

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TMZ obtained a copy of the email sent to -- the sports blog that first reported on Friday that Le Bron's mother Gloria was allegedly sleeping with Delonte.

In the email, Frederick Nance -- attorney for Le Bron and Gloria -- says the report is "categorically false and per se defamatory." Nance adds, "No thinking person could possibly believe such rubbish."The report -- which also spread as a viral email -- was supposed to explain the Cleveland Cavaliers' playoff loss to the Boston Celtics with this theory: Le Bron finds out about Delonte and his mom before game 4 ...

Aside from that, the highlight of the game may have come from action off the court...

Read Full Story Gloria James is Le Bron James' mother.

While this could very well just be a rumor, if it were true it could help explain why Le Bron James fizzled at the end of his NBA playoff run.

Going into the playoffs, Le Bron and the Cavs were once again favored to win it all.The final score, 88-77, with Le Bron James making some huge contributions.James played his best game of the postseason, with a game-high 21 points, 13 assists, 6 rebounds, a crucial 3-pointer and a dunk to give Cleveland a 9-point lead with remaining. Gloria James is dating a rapper named Da Real Lambo (which is probably not his given name).The report surfaced this week on multiple websites and Mr. There's plenty of pictures of Lambo and Gloria, and he even calls her "wifey" in a caption. Read Full Story Le Bron James: Bio Born December 30, 1984 in Ohio Joined the Cleveland Cavaliers as first overall pick in the 2003 draft Won NBA Most Valuable Player honor in 20 Le Bron James might have a beef with Delonte West.She gave birth to Le Bron on December 30, 1984, and has always been very supportive of his talents.

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